Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 1-108 
Biosorption Capacity for Uranium and Thorium by Some Microalgae Species

Pages 53-60

Nora Sh. Gad; Joseph M. Samaan; Ibrahim M Hashem

Impact of Lemon Grass and Tea Tree Oils on Foodborne Pathogens and their Produced Spoilage Enzymes

Pages 61-74

Sofia M. Asem; Ali M. Saeed; Fawzy G. Khedre; Adel A. El Mahalawy; Samar S. Mohamed

Epidemiology and Control of Nosocomial Pathogens Recovered from Some Governmental Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt

Pages 75-88

Hagar M. Abd-El-Rahman; Saadia M. Easa; Fawkya M. El-Beeh; Samar S. Mohamed