Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 1, 2018, Pages 1-254 
Production of Red Pigment by Monascus purpureus Nrrl 1992 under Submerged and Solid-state Fermentation

Pages 83-94

Shimaa Moussa; Dalia Abdou; Gamal A. Mohamed; Mohamed A. Abo-El-Seoud; Al-Zahraa A. Karam Eldin; Adel A. El-mehalawy

Assessment of the Antifungal Potential of Selected Desert Plant Extracts against Pathogenic Human Fungi

Pages 95-110

Heba S. Ibrahim; Samar S. Mohamed; Enas Ibraheem Mohamed; Al-zahraa A. Karam El-din

Aflatoxigenic Fungi Occurrence in Some Processed Meat Products and their Control by Some Plant Extracts in vitro

Pages 111-125

Marwa A. Younos; Dalia A. M. Abdou; Al Zahraa A. Karam El-Deen; Adel A. El-Mehalawy; Mona M. Abd El Galil; El-Sayed M. Embaby; Sherif R. Mohammed

Plant Extracts as Inhibitors of Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria

Pages 127-139

Soheir S. Abd El-Salam; Mohamed F. Ghaly; Mohamed H. Yassin; Attia A. A.; Sally E. Sallam

Proinflammatory Cytokines in Plasma of Patients with Typhoid Fever and Resistance to Therapy

Pages 141-149

Eman A. Eissa; Talat I. El-Sayed; A. A. Attia; Mohamed E. Rashed; Heba M. Refaat

Recent Trends for Discovery and Enhancement of Enzyme Function: A Review

Pages 151-175

Abdelnasser Salah Shebl Ibrahim; Ahmed I. El-Dewany

Antimicrobial Activities of Endophytic Fungi of Red Sea Aquatic Plant Avicennia marina

Pages 231-240

Manar A. Basheer; Amal A. Mekawey; Sameh B. El-Kafrawy; Mohamed A. Abouzeid

Biodegradation of Aflatoxins by Bacteria

Pages 241-254

Seham Abdel-Shafi; Sabry Shehata; Ahmed Shindia; Khaled El-Meligy; Asmaa Khidr